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Is your New Year's Resolution new?

Why do we set the same resolutions, year after year?

Learn what may be keeping you stuck!

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Food Addiction Education

Eating Psychology Coach

Sugar Addiction Program

Medical Addiction Specialist

Naturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Sleep & Weight Loss

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Weight Loss After 40

Leptin Resistance

Functional Nurse Practitioner

Autoimmune Protocol

Holistic Nutritionist

Self-Leadership Coach

Traditional Methods for Digestive Health

Insanity is doing the same thing, but expecting a different result.

Do you feel like you set the same New Year’s Resolutions, year after year?

Make this year different! Discover what’s getting in the way of your goals.

I have helped thousands of people detoxify their life and I’m bringing together this group of experts to provide you insight and support to help you achieve your goals this year.

Are you ready?

Hi there! My name is Lisa Jendza. I'm interested in creating healthier families.

I traded my corporate career to own a wellness spa, a cooking school, and start a movement to fix the root cause of our declining health (most notably our food, or lack thereof).

I am an expert in detoxification methods, including mineral body wraps, and lifestyle modifications for optimal health. But this came about because of necessity.....

At 35 years old, I was an overweight chain smoker of 21 years, suffering from what I thought was fibromyalgia and hurtling towards Type 2 diabetes. Leaky gut, metabolic disorder, and chronic inflammation from a high stress job, poor sleep, and carb addiction!

I was tired, burnt out, and fed up. You see, like many of us, I’d put everything I had into my Corporate America career. My time, my energy, and most importantly, my health.

I’d left my mark on Corporate America and made a name for myself in the business world. I was well-respected in my industry, proud of my career, and my services were sought-after by some of the biggest corporations in the world.

I was successful, by any measure of societal expectations...

...But secretly, internally, I knew that this was the wrong priority.

It was my wake-up call.

I learned that people don’t invest in their health, but will pay anything to get it back once they lose it....

But what became shocking to me, was that most people coming through the doors of my spa didn’t realize they had already lost their health. Accepting this new normal with excuses, like "I'm just getting older."

They wanted the quick fix… the weight loss, inch loss … they all said they wanted to “detox” but did they really?

Detoxification is not a one-time event! And it can't be done for you.

This led me to start teaching (CEU classes for nurses and social workers on detoxification).

Most recently, I started teaching kids because, after 15 years of teaching, I continue to watch the health of our children decline and realize this information is not making it to them. This is a travesty.

As a busy working mom, I promise this is a judgment-free zone. I understand how we got here! I worked in Corporate America for 25 years and as a small business owner for 15 years…

And raised 2 kids on box mixes and drive-thrus. I lovingly share my journey to reclaim my health, the health of my family, more than 4,000 clients and now more than 400 kids!

Freedom Kitchen provides resources and cooking classes because it is my desire to set more people free, especially kids. Our kids are at a disadvantage with all the chemicals and “food-like products” 🙁

Stake your claim for optimal health! All of these experts are here to help you.

Here's to happy, healthy families!



Our kids are the future.

If you missed the last summit

make sure you watch the docu-series.

Learn why I am so passionate about the health of our kids. With your purchase of the docu-series you get access to free cooking segments.

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